Cleaning Time is Now Your Playtime

Equipped with Amarey’s advanced visual solution, the vacuum can plan the optimal path to make cleaning faster. Its cleaning coverage is nearly 30% higher than traditional robotic vacuum cleaners in the market. Get a Amarey A900 now, let it save you some time.

Let Your Life Smart from Amarey A900

The Amarey A900 is a new version robotic vacuum cleaner, containing a built-in navigation sensor with visual SLAM technology, which allows this smart cleaner accurately mapping for optimal cleaning path with easy-to-use APP remote control. Carpet recognition combined with auto-adjust suction power will better protect your carpet and floor.

"Alexa, Turn on..."

Amarey A900 robotic vacuum cleaner is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. After connecting to Echo, you can simply say “Alexa, turn on…” and the name of your made for Amarey A900, the robotic vacuum cleaner will start work.

Quietly Cleans Your Family

Less than 60dB ultra-quiet clean experience, it won't disturb your kids, pets or neighbors every time it’s turned on. 

Reach anywhere dirt and dust hide

Amarey A900 has a 2.9in low profile to fit under furniture, where is an easy breeding ground for bacteria. Amarey A900 adopts the triple-filter system, Prefilter (washable), Sponge(washable), high- efficiency filter would effectively refresh the air around you by trapping and catching the dust into the dustbin.

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