AnKobot Raised 50 million RMB in Pre-series A Round of Funding

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AnKobot Raised 50 million RMB in Pre-series A Round of Funding

On August 16, 2018, "AnKobot” (an AI technology service provider) announced that it had completed 50 million Pre-series A round of funding. The investors are Hi-P International Limited, China Investment LuckyStone Management Co., Ltd and Shanghai new margin Co., Ltd. The Shanghai-based startup will use the funds for further strengthening technology and build scalable growth channels.

It is worth mentioning that AnKobot recently won the "The most Valuable company for Investing Award" for 2018 at the 7th China Finance Summit (CFS).

best valuable company of investing rewards

CFS was established in 2012, This high-level event, hosted by China Industrial Bank, provided an opportunity to hear leading policymakers, policy experts and financial industry leaders discuss China’s economic and policy outlooks.

Launched in 2016, AnKobot is committed to integrating AI and cloud computing into daily life.

AnKobot develops Innovative technology and focuses on computer vision technology. Up now, it has landing industrialization in smart home, industry visual, smart city, etc. Taking smart home as an example, AnKobot utilize home environment as a platform to integrate home-related facilities with indoor positioning, decision analysis, motion control, intelligent recognition, cloud computing and other technologies to build a management system of efficient residential facilities and family agendas, and then improve the home safety, convenience, comfort, artistry, environmentally friendly and energy-saving living environment. Moreover, the fourth-generation vacuuming robotics, R&D by AnKobot, can complete intelligent detection, mapping path planning while vacuuming by combined with VSLAM and object recognition technologies. Currently, AnKobot has established cooperation with enterprises in many industries at home and abroad, where covering robotics, security, mobile internet, automobiles, smart cities and other fields, aiming to provide total solutions and general platform based in visual localization, object recognition, face recognition and video analysis technologies.

Co-Founder& CEO, Lei Li has many years of experience in the domestic and international TMT and chip industry, he previously worked as the head of Cortica in China side, (Cortica is an internationally renowned Israeli image vision company). The team members of AnKobot can independently innovate technologies and realize landing industrialization. They not only deeply cultivate artificial intelligence algorithms but also provide total solutions and accessory hardware.

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