AnKobot was invited to give a talk at CCF-GAIR 2018

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AnKobot was invited to give a talk at CCF-GAIR 2018

AnKobot COO Amanda Hou gave an important talk about the core technologies on CCF-GAIR. CCF-GAIR is the top exhibition and communications conference in China for academia, industry and ventures of intelligent robots.

Below is an excerpt from a public conversation.

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The host: “How did you embed the AI technology to a robot vacuum cleaner?”

Amanda Hou: “The AI technical advantages of our Amarey robot vacuum cleaners, which including path planning, visual navigation, real-time visual location, object- recognition and robot's motion control. Amarey's core technology is vSLAM (will be equipped on next generation of Amarey), human detection performance with high precision.”

The host: “which one is the tough point and require a big breakthrough?”

Amanda Hou: “The tough point of Amarey is the high-cost ARM chip and algorithm’s grounding.”

Ankobot COO Amanda Hou

After the Round Table, a reporter of Leiphone has an interview with Amanda Hou.

Reporter: Could you please describe a work that the AI or robots are not able to replace it?

Amanda Hou: In my opinion, the social worker and psychotherapist are not able to be replaced. Cause the robot vacuum cleaners gradually replace the household labour, definitely, plenty of human beings’ work would be replaced. Then we require to hire a large number of social workers and psychotherapist to serve 50% unemployed. They are eager to understand and comfort. Someone even predicted that the robot probably let human being lasts forever, when technologies developed to a certain level, we probably insert chip to our brain.

Reporter: Ankobot recently launched the Amarey A800 as its first smart home product, What’s your next move? 

Amanda Hou: Amarey A800 robot vacuum cleaner is just a first step to the grounding of industrialization. The future probably applying more functions like totally control the room’s situation, including light, cleaning, tiding, etc.

Robots step into our daily life to be a time saver, a partner, from another side, Amanda Hou also thinks that the robots probably cause some moral issues. We can only hope that robots will enable people to find meaning in non-labour activities, such as caring for their families, engaging with their communities.


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