Healthy eating: what your children need to know?

Healthy eating: what your children need to know?

I wish for everyone to help create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.

let your children eat healthily

A college student in Japan says, “Our country has a reputation for having a relatively healthy diet, but even here in Japan, obesity is starting to emerge as a major problem. I think the chief factor is in the custom of buying cooked meals itself. Statistics show that people tend to eat more if you buy cooked meals than the food you made them yourself; we easily obtain tasty meals without knowing what ingredients and the amount of fat or sugar are used, which makes us eat more and more. As Jamie suggests, I believe cooking should be taught at home, handed down from generation to generation. We should stop buying meals and start making them!”

A man from Korea says,” I agree... in Korea also has the same problem. But the problem is... most of the Korean people don't have much time to teach their children how to cook their meals. So, I think to solve this problem as Jamie says, schools must pay attention to their students' health care and food quality. Not only prohibit instant food but also keep a close eye on school's meals and make a cooking class in their school!”

A French exchange student in the US for one semester says, “I was instantly struck by how much sodas are drinking in my university dining halls. Sodas are in my opinion as much full of sugar as they are hard to resist to when you have unlimited access to them. I was not used to this because, in a French school cafeteria, you can only drink water. But also, because I was educated believing that if you drink sodas while you eat, ailments will be out-flavoured and thus you will not really appreciate the ingredients. However, I realized that in only four weeks, I got used to drinking sodas every day while I ate. Going to the soda machine became a reflex. It shocked me, and I completely changed this terrible habit: they really are not necessary!”

Nobody is forcing you to eat healthily. But somebody is forcing our children to eat unhealthily. Which will continue in their adult life? And that's what must be stopped at all costs. Teach your child about food to cultivate a healthy eating habit as early as possible, and even regard cooking as a hobby, a way of decompression.

How will you teach your child about food? Please let me know if you have any idea.

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