How Science Technology Changes a Housewife’s Daily?

How Science Technology Changes a Housewife’s Daily?

Data from the United States show a large and lasting gender gap. Women do more housework than men even when their husbands stay at home. Woman's work in the household by as much as seven hours per week.

What’s more, a marriage often suffers because a couple is fighting over housework, one survey found.

  1. Is there a way for women to spend less time on chores?

On the bright side. even if men aren’t stepping up to the plate when it comes to housework. Married women have reallocated their time towards more market and less household work because they spend money to save time. The key finding is that couples who— think buying science technology products like a robot vacuum cleaner— are more satisfied with their relationships in some way than couples who don't spend money this way. it’s most definitely an investment item for your home.

  1. How is the robot vacuum users’ review?

one survey found. A new paper suggests using a robotic vacuum in housework can lead to greater relationship satisfaction.

The robot vacuum is easy to schedule cleanings when you’re on the go or away from your home. As they spent less time on chores, women worked and slept more, the data show. The trend is probably going to persist going forward, the economists suggest, especially as younger groups of women have become more educated — affording them the affluence to work more and spend time with their families while hiring someone else to do the dusting.

 “Someone who used to not have to spend days on end vacuuming? I think that’s pretty priceless.” One of the users said.

“The A800 picks it all up. It even goes behind our couches. It goes from hardwood floors to carpet easily, stops at the open stairway that leads downstairs, and manoeuvres around tight corners. You come home today and there is no dog hair anywhere, and the carpets had those lines from the wheels that look like freshly vacuumed tracks. It will be pleasant to come home to.” Another married housewife mentioned.

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