Partner with us

We are happy to partner up with you! Because our marketing plan and our vision for the growth of our company in the near future in global, we are accepting credited wholesalers and retailers to join us and share our success.We believe two is better than one, a good partnership can be benefit to both of us.

At the same time, we expect our partner to be professional, have strong integrity and legal. Our partner shall take the initiative and effort to promote our products through the right channels, protect our brand images and reputation, provide professional and satisfying customer services, and under no circumstances to jeopardize our brand and products(such as, unethically set own prices to achieve sales, or violate intellectual property and change product before selling.etc). All rights are reserved, we have the right to terminate partnership if there is any harmful practices at any time. We will provide a full set of legal procedures to implement our unified price guidance.

Requirements for establishing partnership with us

  1. All applicants must be legitimate business owners
  2. A copy of business licenses and official seals, a copy of legal representative’s ID and signed
  3. A good business reputation and sincere interest in selling our product
  4. A good team and market network is preferred
  5. Signed agreement from both parties(Us and you), after we review applications

Partnership operational model

  1. Regional product distributor
  2. Customer service center
  3. Wholesaler
  4. Retailer
  5. Affiliate partner

Advantages of being our partners

  1. Product with the latest technologies and technical support, increased competitiveness
  2. Well-researched product features for market needs, ensure smooth market entrance
  3. Fair prices for out partners, to make sure its profitable
  4. Award winning brand, with great warranty on product, so both our partner and customers are happy