Here at Amarey, we have an amazing vision for the future. A vision which provides convenience and comfort to every invididual, a clean and dust free place for them to live. We have a solid marketing, branding and design plan which makes our brand a prominent player within the smart vacuum industry.

We are looking for partners that can help to bring this vision to life, while at the same time benefiting from each other’s networks and technologies. We are going global with our product distribution, offering the Amarey experience to as many people as possible.

Our partners should be professionals, that can focus on retaining our brand value, and core principles. While at the same time, maintaining good customer relations and providing phenomenal customer service.

All applicants must be legitimate business owners
A copy of business licenses and official seals, a copy of legal representative’s ID
A good business reputation and sincere interest in selling our products
A good team and network is preferred
Signed agreements from both parties, after we review applications

Regional product distributor
Customer service center
Affiliate partner

Product with the latest technologies and technical support, increased competitiveness
Well-researched product features for market needs, ensure smooth market entrance
Fair prices for out partners, to make sure its profitable
Award winning brand, with great warranty on product, so both our partner and customers are happy